Ralf Wall (Raflar) - Canadian Artist

My name is Ralf Wall, artistically I go by Raflar, and I am a Canadian artist specializing in watercolour landscapes and acrylic abstracts.

I paint predominately outdoors (en plein air) as the energy of my surroundings has always played an important role in my work. I find a great deal of solace and happiness in creating my art, and it is my desire that those who view my work feel the same connection with nature that I feel.

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I sometimes teach watercolour and acrylic palette knife techniques at Homer Watson House & Gallery. I also help organize outdoor painting workshops for the Waterloo Plein Air Society.

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Pablo Picasso

Energy has always played a pertinent role in my body of work. I am inspired by my surroundings, be it the woods, open water or a distant skyline. When I create, it is my desire that those who view my work feel the energy of the surroundings in which the work was created. My watercolour paintings require a delicate hand, and because I often paint in plein air, I will use the water of the natural environment in the dilution of my paint. My acrylic landscapes and abstracts require a palette knife which allows me to convey the natural environment in an expressive and impressionistic manner. The natural environment not only inspires my work but also compels me to experiment and explore new mediums and techniques.  It is my hope that my love for nature, the energy therein, and the freedom of creation is impressed upon the public through my works.