Commission art work can be created to preserve a fond memory or just to brighten up a room. Pricing is based on size* plus a 10-20% markup depending on the amount of artistic freedom I am given. (More specific details garner a higher percentage). All work will still be created in my style, as shown on this website, and should be focused on landscape or nature based themes. (I am not a portrait or architectural artist). If you are interested, feel free to contact me about your proposal.

*Pricing is 12$ per linear inch (height plus width times 12) plus 10-20%. Example, an 11×14 painting would be 25 linear inches (11+14) times 12$=300$ (plus 30-60$ for specifics). A 24×36 painting would be 60 linear inches (24+36) times 12$ = 720$ (plus 72-144$ for specifics).
** The more you let me “play” the less you have to “pay” 🙂

Samples of my past commission work